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Friday, January 29, 2010

Requirements Management & CaliberRM

caliberFind the training slides on Requirements Management using CaliberRM tool in a PDF format HERE.
The slides cover the contents on concepts and basics of Requirements Management and Requirements Engineering, Learning CaliberRM basics, Concepts and usage around Traceability Matrix, Creating reference links, Baselining and Export and Import features.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Estimation Techniques

As promised, I am sharing the content on Estimation and Sizing techniques. I recently used the same set of slides for a corporate training as well. The slides are structured into multiple sections and include the following topics:

  1. Estimation Overview – Challenges and problems in estimation
  2. Software sizing techniques – Lines of Code, Function Points
  3. Function Points – The complete process guidelines and steps
  4. Estimation Approaches – Risk Context, Metrics Based, WBS, Iterative approaches
  5. Estimation Methods
    1. Wide Band Delphi
    2. Percentage of Work
    3. Use Case Method & Use Case Points
    4. Test Point Analysis
  6. Suggested guidelines for good estimates

tn_estimationYou can download the document in PDF format from the link HERE. Please feel free to get in touch in case you want additional resources or articles which I referred while preparing this. Also drop in a line if you wish to have this training done for your group or organization.

And yes, don’t forget to add in your comments/feedback/suggestion.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trainings on Software Estimation & Function Point Analysis

For those who remember my early days at XDSC might recall me holding multiple training sessions and presentations on Function Point Analysis and Software Estimation Techniques. There was a lot of research done on the subject and the overall process was introduced and applied on a few projects as well.

Recently, I have been asked a lot about the concepts and it seems that there is a renewed interest in the subject of software estimation and test estimation and on Function Points and Use Case Points as methods for estimation. To this end, I am revisiting my old research files and would be developing a fresh set of presentation slides and notes on Function Points.

imageI intend sharing the material online for those who would want to know and are interested. There are no strings attached and the material shall be made available as FREE to download on this forum itself. All you need to do is drop in a mail and tell us that you would like to have it.

Just in case you are aware of any training needs in your organization on Function Points or Test Estimation, please buzz us for a FREE Webcast of this presentation.

We, as Q-Babas are still committed for our ‘Knowledge Sharing’ sessions. In case, you feel that there is an important piece of information or knowledge skill that you can share with the group, please reach out to us ASAP.

We Share, We Learn !!!

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